Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever had a home party with lots of drinks and some of them ended up on your carpet, one way or another? Well, pretty much everyone has had it. Also, other substances like hot wax, ink, and paint occasionally end up on your brand new carpet. Some of them can be cleaned quite easily if you act immediately, but sometimes you notice it a few hours later when the stains have already settled deep within the fibres and removing them completely becomes an almost impossible task.

There is also the issue of a carpet simply wearing out – carpets which receive the most traffic require the most care, but often we tend to treat them like every other chore, namely postponing until the last possible moment. This can significantly reduce the lifespan of your brand new carpet, making it dull and hideous. However, there’s always hope.

iCleaners in London are considered by our customers to be one of iclean1-17the best on the market for cleaning services. We bring heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment with us, use the best and safest solutions, bring life to old, worn carpets, restore their beauty and remove old stains with great success. Our well-trained and experienced cleaners use the most effective products and some of the most advanced carpet cleaning systems, which are environmentally friendly and safe for domestic use. We are ready to move any furnitureout of our way to make sure that every centimeter of your carpet gets the best treatment! We use special solutions and shampoos to remove even the toughest stains and then use the hot water extraction machine to clean deep inside the carpet’s fibres, effectively removing any dust and dirt that may be lying within. It even kills bacteria and germs in the process, which will allow your kids to play safely on it.

Because our skill set goes beyond carpets, we can also offer you additional services, which include the following:

– Upholstery Cleaning – sofas, armchairs and any upholstered furniture, for that matter, can benefit greatly from our cleaning methods. To keep the good appearance of the sofas and armchairs, proper maintenance is essential. It’s recommended to have them professionally cleaned at least once per year. This will greatly extend the lifespan of the fibres, improve the look and make the overall atmosphere in the room more cozy and welcoming. We use eco-friendly detergents which are completely harmless, yet efficient. We use the latest technology and tools to ensure great results!
– Rug Cleaning – because rugs come in great variety in terms of texture, type of fibres and colour, cleaning them is not always straightforward. We can clean any type of rug, using particular solutions and tools to make sure its surface is not damaged and to revive its look, even from old, stubborn stains.
– Curtain Cleaning – iCleaners can have your curtains and drapes cleaned as well. These should be cleaned at least twice a year, especially if you like to keep your windows open to let some fresh air in. Dust can come through the windows, especially in a busy city and it will settle on the curtains, making them look dull, even yellowish and also gain a unpleasant odor. We use steam cleaning on curtains and drapes – it is efficient on carpets and it works just as well on curtains, effectively removing dust, stains and allergens from them.

Should you require professional carpet, upholstery or curtain cleaning – iCleaners have a reputation to uphold as being one of the most sought-after cleaning companies in London. We guarantee that as our customers you will be satisfied with our services!