Nearly every tenancy agreement has a clause at the end, which demands the property to be left in the state you moved in. Usually – clean and spotless. You make a deposit as a guarantee, usually in the amount of a monthly payment, which you will receive back once you move out, given that the property is in good condition. Unfortunately, this can be easier promised than delivered. With our end of tenancy cleaning service in London you will get your deposit in full. We offer Professional End Of Tenancy Cleaning Services in London.

Furthermore, the landlords often want to prepare a property to be rented end of tenancy cleaning Londonor sold and wish to increase its appeal by presenting it in the best possible state. Sometimes, tenants leave small issues behind – a concealed stain on a carpet, a burned stove, limestone in the bathroom and the like. This can be quite unfortunate and, unless you spot it early, potential customers may be deterred by it. Naturally, you would want to avoid such situation.

This is where iCleaners come into play. We are highly trained veterans in the domestic cleaning industry, capable of handling almost anything we face. We have years of experience and the best products and technology available. We have a team of cleaners who specialize in End of Tenancy Cleaning. Our professional End of Tenancy cleaning is performed by our In house skilled professional cleaners. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us – whether you’re a tenant vacating a property or a landlord, looking to rent one, we can ensure that everyone will succeed.

Our End of Tenancy Checklist includes:

– Kitchen will be cleaned and polished, oven cleaned from grime, tiles – from limestone. We will also polish any chrome surfaces like oven handles and faucets. We will wash the windows, doors, switches and outlets as well.
– Bathroom tiles, bathtub, sink and shower will be scaled off, cleaned and polished. Toilet will be cleaned and disinfected. Soap and shampoo stains will be removed and extractor fans will be wiped.
– Furniture will be vacuumed outside and underneath. We will move furniture to clean below as well. All shelves and drawers will be cleaned, along with cabinets and wardrobes. All glass surfaces – shelves, tables and windows will be cleaned and polished.

If you are looking to pass the landlord inspection and get your deposit back, if you are looking to sell your property at your terms – call iCleaners! When you book our end of tenancy cleaning you can be sure that your property will be cleaned properly and your deposit returned in full. We will make sure that each and every customer will be pleased and live surrounded by cleanliness and beauty! Check our End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices.

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